The classic "use" of a desktop computer, before anyone could think of what to do with them, was storing recipes. So we just have to try that, in honor of computer history.

The programs here are written with the assumption that the programs themselves plus the recipe files are all in the same folder.

REBOL scripts

File name Type Description
recipe-to-html.r REBOL script This program displays one recipe on an html page. The printing function of the browser can be used to put the recipe on paper.
recipe-to-email.r REBOL script This program formats one recipe in a text string suitable for sending by email, and provides a button to send it. You will have to modify this program with your own mailing list of email addresses.
ingredient-index.r REBOL script This program extracts all the ingredient blocks and makes an index by ingredient. Has your spouse ever asked, "How long has this hoisin sauce been in the refrigerator. What to we use it for?" Now you can answer that question.
make-web-page.r REBOL script This program reads all the recipe files and formats each into a table on a web page, and then uploads the web page to an ftp site. This is something one might want to do if one wanted access to his recipes from some place away from home, such as at a grocery store.


File name Type Description
Beans-baked-fortified.txt Text in REBOL-readable form This is a recipe for baked beans "fortified" with greens, onions, and mushrooms.
Burger-black-bean-butternut.txt Text in REBOL-readable form Burgers made of black beans, butternut squash, and quinoa.
Chili-vegan-quinoa.txt Text in REBOL-readable form Chili made with quinoa. A bit spicy.
Chinese-beef-and-broccoli.txt Text in REBOL-readable form Vegan version of beef and broccoli, using seitan or tofu.
Fudge-chocolate-peppermint.txt Text in REBOL-readable form A great treat made totally of whole foods.
Gallo-pinto.txt Text in REBOL-readable form Basic beans and rice, a bit heavy on olive oil which probably is what makes it so good.
Green-beans-and-tamari-roasted-almonds.txt Text in REBOL-readable form  
No-tuna-salad.txt Text in REBOL-readable form Sandwich spread made of chickpeas.
Pancakes-chocolate-glutenfree.txt Text in REBOL-readable form Pancakes with cocoa.
Pancakes-template-glutenfree.txt Text in REBOL-readable form A pancake recipe that can be modified for whatever you are daring enough to try in pancakes.
Salad-dressing-tomato-sauce.txt Text in REBOL-readable form This is a recipe for oil-free (but not fat-free) salad dressing based on tomato sauce.
Stir-fry-asian-whole-wheat-linguine.txt Text in REBOL-readable form  
Szechuan-green-beans.txt Text in REBOL-readable form A nice way to cook green beans besides the usual steaming or boiling.
Tofu-egg-salad.txt Text in REBOL-readable form A sandwich spread surprisingly like egg salad.
Vegan-beef-stew.txt Text in REBOL-readable form If you miss the canned beef stew of your youth, try this.